Solar Decathlon Europe’s Welcoming Party

After 3 days of continuous work the teams were invited to a cocktail-party. We danced and talked with the other team’s members for about 4 hours, but just after the party the ones in the night shift turned back to work. Sorry, folks!

Start! Steady! Go!

The assembly period has begun! We started building PRISPA just one day before and the result after 24h of work is in the next photo. We are the first house to have its structure up. But we will have a lot to work with finishing, we have that in mind!

PRISPA’s last meeting

Before Madrid, of course. We talked about departure, about the house, the strategy an last minute details. We are very excited that we managed to come so far and that we are heading to Madrid with only one though, to win! Wish us good luck!

The journey begins now!

The last part, the one in which we are evaluated for a 2 years work. We just left Bucharest North Bus Station and we are heading Villa Solar, Madrid, Spain. We have a 3 days road ahead of us, but we still have a lot to talk about.

Thanks Euro Lines for transporting us! See you in Madrid!


Their prefabricated PRISPA house features building-integrated photovoltaic panels that produce 20% more energy than the home consumes (at least in Romania) and sandwich load-bearing panels with built-in thermal insulation.

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Who is now supporting PRISPA

Today, this is the team of companies and institutions supporting the PRISPA project. Continue reading