About Solar Decathlon Europe

  1. It is an international competition dedicated to universities
  2. SDE derives from the American competition US DOE Solar Decathlon. SDEurope was born after a bilateral agreement between the American Government and the Spanish Government, after Universidad Politehnica de Madrid took part in the competition
  3. SDE promotes research regarding the development of energetically efficient buildings
  4. Each team must create a solar home prototype
  5. This year, 20 teams from around the world are competing (United Kingdom, France, Japan, China, The Netherlands, Egypt, Italy, Romania, Spain, Brasil, Norway, Denmark and Portugal)
  6. It is not a concept contest; the houses must be built
  7. Romania takes part in this competition for the first time
  8. The houses must be assembled in 13 days, and disassembled in 5, in Villa Solar, a building site in Madrid’s largest public park, Casa de Campo, provided by SDEurope
  9. The competition’s official sponsors are Saint Gobain Group, Schneider Electric, Rockwool, Kömmerling and FCC.

10. The projects will be evaluated according to 10 criteria, of which we enumerate architecture, engineering, energy consumption, communication and social awareness, industrialization and market viability

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